5 Tips to ensure your workplace is COVID secure

5 Tips to ensure your workplace is COVID secure

As a company that specialises in P.P.E and hygiene products, the team here at Prosafe wanted to share some of our knowledge around the best ways to ensure your workplace is safe for you and your team. We have compiled a list of tips and advice below that will hopefully help you all remain safe, whether in the office or at home. 

1. Ensure you have sufficient hand washing facilities around your workplace - consider putting up signage that demonstrates the correct hand washing techniques. Make sure your employees have access to surface cleaner and disinfecting wipes so that they can regularly wipe down their work space.


Byotrol Surface Sanitising Wipes

2. Providing disposable gloves may be useful, particularly if your employees are sharing hand tools and other equipment on a regular basis. 

Blue Disposable Gloves


3. Identify high-traffic areas and touch points in your workplace and ensure they are sanitised regularly with an anti-bacterial surface spray.

    • Doorhandles
    • Telephones
    • Light switches
    • Computer, keyboard, mouse
    • Taps
    • Cupboard & Fridge handles
    • Printers
    • Kitchen appliances (kettle, toaster, fridge, microwave)
    • Shared equipment (tools, vehicles, machinery)

Cleenol Virabact Multi Surface Cleaner4. Ask staff members to wear face coverings or shields, where possible, as they move about the workplace.

Women wearing a blue face covering


5. Make sure that your staff always have access to anti-bacterial hand soap. Consider putting up signage around the correct hand washing technique in the areas where your employees wash their hands.

Person washing hands


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*For further information and updates refer to your official government guidelines*

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