First Aid at Work  

First Aid at Work  

You never know when an accident might occur in the workplace, that’s why it’s important to be prepared for all eventualities. What with the pandemic, social distancing and people being in and out of the office a lot of the past year; first aid supplies are perhaps something that have not been at the top of your priority list.  

"693,000 working people sustain an injury at work".

It is important to assess your company’s first aid needs regularly and adjust accordingly depending on the needs of your workplace. It is essential to check your kit and refill it after use to ensure the safety of those who need to use it in an emergency.

Do First Aid Kits expire?

This might seem like a silly question, but the answer is yes! Most items in your kit do expire, including plasters and gloves. Over time, plasters lose their adhesiveness and the wound pad can lose it sterility. The same applies to bandages and wipes, particularly as they dry out and become ineffective. Disposable gloves that have expired may not protect you from blood-borne pathogens or other infectious liquids due to the loss of sterility. If you are unsure whether something has expired, it is best to check with the manufacturer.

(image: St. John's Ambulance)    

Replenish your First Aid Kit items here.


We also stock a range of defibrillators, both fully automatic and semi-automatic. The defibrillator is designed to be used by individuals without any first aid knowledge. 

The AED has clear verbal and visual instructions that guides the user through  the entire rescue operation. They are some of the most user-friendly defibrillators on the market.

Any questions?

Contact the sales team for help in stocking your First Aid Kit - or phone +44 (0)28 9334 1222.

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