In-House Branding Services

In-House Branding Services

As you may know, we offer a bespoke garment branding service that includes embroidered and heat sealed logos, all of which are completed in-house by a team of experienced professionals.

Branding your garments is a fantastic way to bring your logo to life and to enhance your brand awareness. We have compiled a brief guide about each application method to help you decide what is right for your business.

We now have a simple form that you can fill in with your branding requirements and upload your desired logo. You can access the form here.


We have state of the art embroidery machinery that allows us to professionally embroider all manner of garments. Embroidery works particularly well on cotton and polycotton garments such as, t-shirts, polo-shirts, aprons, tunics, jackets & fleeces. 

The process involves placing a frame onto your garment while backing fabric is applied to the logo area, ensuring that the garment remains in place while logo is stitched. On occasion, the frame may leave a circular imprint on the garment but this is steamed out prior to delivery. The embroidery process is performed by a computerised embroidery machine; we input your digitised logo in to the machine after having selected the correct colour threads for your logo. We only use the best quality threads and machinery to guarantee quality results every time.

Heat Transfer 

Heat transfer is another highly effective way of branding workwear. This method involves creating a transfer of your logo that is then adhered to your garment by an industrial heat press. Heat sealed logos are very durable and are suitable for a variety of cotton and polycotton garments, working particularly well on high visibility clothing. We only apply heat-sealed logos in a single colour, so bare this in mind if you select this method of logo application.

Why is wearing branded clothing so important for your business?

Whether your workforce are customer facing or work behind the scenes, all staff can benefit from branded uniform. By providing branded uniform, it means your staff are wearing clothing suitable for their role as well as feeling an added sense of belonging and pride in their work.

It ensures that your staff are instantly recognisable and can be identified from non-employees while at work. Not only does it help with personal identification, branded clothing is free advertising for your business – when your staff communicate with the public, they are generating brand awareness wherever they go.

If this is something you are interested in, you can fill in our simple branding enquiry form here. Alternatively, get in touch with our sales team and they can talk you through the branding process.

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