Your Guide to Eye Protection

Your Guide to Eye Protection

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Personal Protective Equipment is paramount when it comes to eye protection. Eye protection should be worn when a potential risk to your eyes has been identified in your workplace. Risk to your eyes is common in many industries, particularly those of you who work in construction, manufacturing, automotive and healthcare. A large percentage of eye injuries that happen in the workplace could be prevented if you are wearing the correct protective eye wear.

“Construction has a much higher rate of eye injuries than any other industry


EN 166

EN 166 is the European technical standard that all safety eye protection must comply with. The main tests that safety glasses undergo in this standard are Optical Requirements and Impact Resistance/Mechanical Protection. There are some optional tests that EN 166 may include: Protection against High Speed Objects and Protection against Extreme Temperatures (ranging from -5°c to +55°c).

The results of these tests then define the optical class and mechanical protection rating that the eye protection will receive.

Optical Tolerance Power

Optical Class


± 0.06 Dioptres


Distortion Free - Work all the time

± 0.12 Dioptres


Medium Quality - Work occasionally

± 0.25 Dioptres


Work Briefly – Exceptional use

 Dioptre = a unit of measurement of the optical power of a lens


Mechanical Protection


Minimal Impact Resistance


Low Energy Impact


Medium Energy Impact


High Energy Impact

When shopping for protective eye wear, make sure to check that they are compliant with EN 166 and that the protection they provide is sufficient for the working environment you are in. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to drop us a message and we will do our best to assist you.

Explore a selection of our safety glasses below:

1. Portwest PW38 Safety Glasses Clear

+ Complies to EN166 1F

+ CE certified

+ Lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods

+ Anti-scratch


+ 99% UV protection

+ Pan-view spectacle

Available in clear and smoked lenses.

2. Beeswift B-Brand Premium Googles

+ Conforms to EN 166 1B

+ Unvented

+ Wide vision lens

+ Soft & flexible

+ Adjustable headband

+ Available in blue and orange

+  2-1.2 - UV Filter

 3. JSP Martcare Impact Goggles

+ Conforms to EN 166 1B

+ Compact and lightweight

+ Vented

+ Tough Polycarbonate lens offers high resistance to impact from flying particles

+ Adjustable elastic strap

4. Blackrock Clear Safety Glasses

+ Complies with EN 166

+ Anti-scratch polycarbonate lens

+ Versatile and suitable for everyday use

+ Lightweight

+ Cost effective


5. Portwest PW98 Forestry Combi Kit

+ CE certified 

+ Provides head, ear and eye protection 

+ Vented hard hat

Reinforced visor holder and mesh visor (PS58)

For some industries, lenses in eye protection are not practical. In these cases, the product may not be EN 166 compliant.


To explore more eye protection, check out our full website here.

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