Prosafe launch P.P.E Vending Machines in Northern Ireland.

Vending machines are fast becoming the best method of dispensing and controlling P.P.E usage in large engineering and manufacturing companies throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.   

Understanding this, Prosafe have invested in the manufacture of bespoke vending machines to suit customer needs and allow vending to be available to the SME marketplace throughout Northern Ireland.

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Some questions to ask...

1. Do you have a medium/high staff count that use P.P.E or consumable goods?

2. Do you struggle to control usage of P.P.E or consumable products?

3. Are your staff using or not using the correct P.P.E for their job, potentially being exposed to risk?

4. Do you want to find a way of reducing spend?


A vending machine may be the solution. 

Prosafe P.P.E Vending is proven to reduce usage of products on site, in some cases, up to 30%, by simply controlling how goods are dispensed and making the end user accountable. 

Our vending machines generate automatic usage reports bespoke to the customer needs, highlighting usages of products as well notifying the customer and Prosafe when a machine needs replenished. This creates a seamless chain of supply to site. 

Managing Director, Paul Evans comments "We are delighted to offer vending as part of our commitment to our customers to show innovation when it comes to P.P.E and how we supply our customers and understand their needs. This is the first of a number of innovations planned to launch this year". 


If vending sounds like it might suit your needs, we offer free demonstrations in our head office in Mallusk where you'll have the opportunity to see how vending works, use the machine and ask any questions, allowing you to see the benefits that Prosafe P.P.E Vending. 

For further information email sales@prosafedirect.com or call 02893 341 222.  



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