Prosafe Vending

Prosafe offer a range of P.P.E Vending Machines to suit your business needs. 

Some of our most popular machines are listed below however we offer a bespoke service with vending, allowing the right product to be used for your business needs. 



The "Prosafe350" allows for a high location count and physical space for its footprint, with a maximum of 216 locations, but also has scope for locations large enough to vend bulky items. This offers a good return on investment for bulky product applications such as P.P.E.

Due to its user facing doors, items can be issued but also returned to this unit giving the system more flexibility into what can be managed.

Main  features

  • Vend Small Or Large Items
  • Standalone or Add-On Versions Available
  • Flexible Machine Layout
  • High Capacity
  • Dimensions: 968mm(W) x 800mm(D) x 1830mm(H)
  • Capacity: Up to 216 locations





The "Prosafe250" allows for the management of any item with ease, with its conveyor style delivery system any product can be vended from safety boots to drills. The system is easy to configure due to its dividers and tracks which pop in and out of the shelves in a number of seconds. The machine has a lift system which removes the issue of dropping product from the shelf, it will collect it and bring it safely to the user.

Main  features

  • Simple To Use
  • Easy To Configure
  • Adapts To All Situations
  • No Dropping Products
  • Dimensions: 803mm(W) x 970mm(D) x  1830mm(H)
  • Capacity: Up to  80 locations




 The Prosafe450

This system has a high build quality with a range of drawer styles and depths to suit all products, the units are very popular with tooling applications currently. Large location count for its footprint, up to 54 per drawer and familiar feel to manual drawers so the jump into technology is reduced for users. 

Main  features

  • High Build Quality
  • 17" Touchscreen
  • Flexible Machine Layout
  • High Capacity 
  • Dimensions: 717mm(W) x 725mm(D) x  1550mm(H)
  • Capacity: Up to 432 locations


The Prosafe50 Locker

These lockers allow for vending and returning of high value items, with the addition of charging points they prevent the problem of devices out of charge, such as mobile devices. With our web based portal the systems allow for 24/7 unmanned access with the benefit of secure storage of the device.

Main  features

  • Manage from anywhere with our multi-lingual web based portal
  • Simple user software with touch interface for easy operation
  • Features to make managing the system easier, such as user access control for items and automated reports.
  • Dimensions: 450mm (W) x 450mm (D) x 1800mm (H)
  • Dimensions:  17.72" (W) x 17.72" (D) x 70.87" (H)
  • Capacity: With custom sized lockers available, any physical size can be achieved. Due to our locker system being networked the only thing limiting your locker system is the size of the space to house them, we offer 4 kiosk terminals to reduce queuing by allowing simultaneous operation.




The ProsafeFX

A fully customizable asset tracking locker system for items such as laptops, iPads, power tools, gauges or any asset that needs to be tracked. Available with or without recharging capabilities.

Main  features

  • Modular design to allow you to build the system that suits you
  • 19 Inch user friendly touchscreen
  • Rechargeable lockers to ensure your device never runs out of charge
  • Dimensions: 705mm (W) x 650mm (D) x 1905mm (H)
  • Dimensions:  27.75" (W) x 25.5" (D) x 75" (H)
  •  Capacity: Modular design, location sizes vary

  • 40 lbs. - 200 lbs. per module