Grisport Trojan Safety Boot Black

by Grisport
£ 69.50

Water Resistant, Shock Proof S3-SRC Safety Boot Made With FC Flex Composite


The Trojan Safety Boot is water resistant, shockproof and is made with an FC Flex Composite for maximum comfort and protection. This boot has been strategically designed to be fully non-metallic. This is, therefore, an ideal boot for an environment in which you are unable to have metal.

 The Trojan boot also has a protective midsole made of material very similar to ’kevlar’, which is actually used in bullet-proof jackets. However, the non-metallic composition of this boot gives the sale flexibility and comfort while remaining extremely protective. This kevlar sole will help protect your foot against any sharp objects you may stand on, preventing a puncture on the boot. This boot is a fully approved safety boot with a safety standard of S3, however, still has the feel of a comfortable and adaptable walking boot in its wear. 

 We highly recommend this boot for those looking for a comfortable, multi-purpose safety boot to wear in a working environment in which a non-metallic, safety-conscious design is essential. 

  • Black in Colour
  • Safety Level: S3-SRC
  • Non-metallic boots
  • Leather breathable upper
  • Grease resistant, self-cleaning sole
  • Shock proof, anti-slip sole
  • Composite Lightweight toe cap
  • Anti-perforation 'Kevlar style' mid sole
  • Anti-static
  • Water resistant for one hour
  • FC Flex Composite
  • Weight: 1328gr.

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